short for Nefertiti, mother of Ankhesenamun, is a command line tool to ease the creation of documentation in the form of Swift Playgrounds. It provides compile-time verification of documentation and exports it in Markdown format that can be consumed by Jekyll to generate websites.

nef is inspired by ΛNK for Kotlin and tut for Scala.

Why nef?

💡 Eases the creation of Xcode Playgrounds with support for third party libraries.

💡 Compiles Xcode Playgrounds with support for 3rd-party libraries from the command line.

💡 Builds a Playground Book for iPad with external dependencies defined in a Swift Package.

💡 Generates Markdown project from nef Playground.

💡 Generates Markdown files that can be consumed from Jekyll to create a microsite.

💡 Export Carbon code snippets for a given nef Playground.

📥 Installation

nef can be installed using Homebrew. nef needs Xcode 11 (o newer), CocoaPods, and brew installed in your computer.

➜ brew install nef

It will warn you if there is a missing dependency and will provide guidance to install it.