short for Nefertiti, mother of Ankhesenamun, is a command line tool to ease the creation of documentation in the form of Swift Playgrounds. It provides compile-time verification of documentation and exports it in Markdown format that can be consumed by Jekyll to generate websites.

nef is inspired by ΛNK for Kotlin and tut for Scala.


📥 Installation

nef can be installed using Homebrew. nef needs Xcode and Cocoapods as dependencies. It will warn you if there is a missing dependency and will provide guidance to install it.

🌟 Features

nef highlights the following features:

💡 Eases the creation of Swift Playgrounds with support for third party libraries.

💡 Compiles Swift Playgrounds with support for third party libraries from the command line.

💡 Generates Markdown project from Swift Playground.

💡 Generates Markdown files that can be consumed from Jekyll to create a microsite.